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An Original Soundtrack written to perfectly complement the picture and mood of your film. In conclusion, no more searching for the right track! Let the film composer do the job.

Music for Multimedia

Catchy jingles, soft instrumentals or energetic rock songs - get the right sound for your image film, commercial or social media campaign.

Audio Work

Need better sounding audio for your podcast, YouTube video or Radio ad? Let me edit, mix and master your product for perfect results. Set yourself apart from others with sharp and crisp audio!

Make Yourself A Picture

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Listen to the original music I have written for my clients’ latest projects. You like what you hear? I am curious to learn about your vision for your upcoming project. 

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About Dejan Dukovski

A string-heavy sound with a melancholic undertone and intimate piano parts

Most of Dejan Dukovski‘s pieces fit this description. The German pianist and film composer mostly writes orchestral scores for German feature films, short films and documentaries …

Don't blow your own trumpet

What Clients Say

"Dejan gave me an excellent support in professionally developing and realising the concepts for the film music of my short film "Hartmut hat das Meer geklaut"."
"I comissioned Mr. Dukovski to create individual music for a social media campaign for one of my clients in the real estate sector to professionally produce the soundtrack for the clips. I and my client are very pleased with the result! The topic was well implemented and the cooperation went without any problems - this will certainly not be my last project with Mr. Dukovski and I can highly recommend him.
As Part of the colloboration with Dejan, I once again noticed what a wonderful and impressive power music really has. It brings the picture to life! In my opinion, Dejan plays a major role in this movie and he has composed a fantastic score for my feature film „Spinat zum Frühstück“. This combination of moving picture and film score is clearly an art in his work and full of Joy and glassy eyes, I was able to see how it all came together. I loved that Dejan Dukovski takes the time to be empathetic and treats the motion picture as if it weren’t his work but his passion to complete the story! Looking forward to working with him in the future. Great work!
Mr. Dukovski works very quickly and reliably. The communication was simple and straightforward, my wishes were implemented immediately. He was always friendly and very cooperative. Next time I will contact Mr. Dukovski again!
A very great cooperation with Mr. Dukovski. His sound revision for my image trailer turned out great! Gladly again.
Dejan asked me to work on the music for a short film and I recorded drums for it. An incredibly nice and creative guy who makes great music!
I want to send a shout out to Dejan Dukovski: Easy to work with, pleasant communication and feedback and great understanding of client needs. We always got amazing feedback from our clients for the quality of compositions and audio engineering jobs, be it jingles or soundtracks. I would purchase or recommend Dejan's services anytime in the future!